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I  have already written about “The easiest way to get to Tokyo from Narita ,  The Fastest Way to Get to Tokyo from Narita and The Cheapest Way to get to Narita but with increased tourism, services continue to improve and with the added demand many things are getting cheaper! Although the trains are pretty cool in Japan, buses are most often the easier way to travel. You always have a seat, there are no stairs to climb, and they have a large luggage space under the bus for your suitcases, board bags, and all your shopping.  So now there is a 1000 yen bus service to Tokyo from Narita Aiport. The Access Narita bus has regular service (about every 15 minutes),  they accept cash on the bus so there is no need line up to buy a ticket, and have 3 pick-up/drop off points. If you are coming to Hakuba by Keio Higway Bus from Shinjuku you will need to take a train or subway from Tokyo Station or Ginza but takes no longer than 20 minutes and cost no more than 200 yen.

Update: From January 6th to March 4th, 2017 Alpico will offer 1 overnight bus from Tokyo Station to Hakuba. You can find the schedule here. I don’t really recommend overnight buses but if you do decide to take it, I recommend getting off at Escal Plaza, the main entrance to Goryu. They have chill out rooms, huge lockers, rental gear and more and you can get an early start and be first on the lift in the morning!

You can use Hyperdia to check for trains, schedules and fees.