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Japanese courier service

While travelling in Japan you might notice that you never see Japanese people carrying suitcases, board bags, trollies, and other over-sized gear around. That’s cause they know better. Japan is the land of convenience and efficiency! You too should take full advantage of this cheap, fast, friendly service. When you arrive at the airport just take your bags to one of the Ta-Q-bin desks like Kuroneko (Black Cat) or other courier companies. Give them an address and they will deliver your goods to your accommodation the next day (if sent before 3 pm), or choose any other day that suits you best. If you are sending your stuff to Lodge tabi-tabi in Hakuba, please ask them to deliver your bags no more than one day before you arrive. We can not store your gear for longer than a day.

They will also pick up your gear at your hotel, or you can take your stuff to any convenience store or post-office. For security reasons, packages sent to the airport will take an extra day.

For those of you sending your gear from the airport, our address is:

Lodge tabi-tabi (your name)
Kamishiro 22203-34

***** be sure to pay when you are sending your luggage if possible, and ask them to deliver your bags no more than one day before your arrival at the accommodation. *****