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on Saturday, 05 March 2011
in Road Trip

Buri Shabu Shabu!

After surfing pow on my new Yuki-ita, we were itching to see some waves so off to the ocean we went:

ocean viewing

It felt great to stretch our eyes out to the horizon:

ocean view

When in Japan, especially when you are near the ocean, do as the Japanese do, and feast on some seafood!Nihon-kai (The Japanese sea) is said to bear some of the best delicacies,because of its frigid temperatures fish are fattier, and therefore even tastier. This is a great fish market along the west coast of Japan:

fish market

With so much choice we had a lot of trouble choosing:

crab fish heads fish shrimp

Eventually we went with this HUGE buri (yellowtail) for only 1500 yen:


and the friendly fish butcher cleaned it up for us at no charge:

happy fish butcher

 when we got home Yasu made Buri Shabu Shabu:

shabi shabi


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