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It’s International Woman’s Day today so this one is for the laydeez! Women have come a loooong way, so long in fact that women are now able to pee standing up! That’s right Freud, time to scrap your male-centered penis envy theory. With the right gadget, women too, can relieve themselves anywhere anytime. Find yourself in a dirty john? Behind a skinny tree? A urinal? Or in the back-country above the tree line without a bush insight (and not wanting to reveal yours)? All you need is an FUD (female urination device). This season I have started using P-mate, a very simple origami-like funnel that catches your stream and sends it off, away from your pants and shoes, without the need to drop your drawers.

This product has been a goddess-send for a woman like me, who wears bib pants and spends most of her back-country days hiking with the boys. It’s even easier if you wear boys tights underneath and make good use of the hole in the front.

P-mates are only $4.95 for a pack of 5. Although they are disposable, I re-use each one a few times by giving it a rinse before placing it back in the zip-lock bag.  I ordered mine online direct from their website. International orders have a $15.00 shipping fee. Which is not bad at all if you stock up and buy some extra for your female friends.

Go Grrrrlz!