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Posted by Angela
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投稿日: 月曜日, 09 4月 2012
カテゴリ: snowboarding

April 7th


Another amazing day in the backcountry! There is nothing like it! If you are fit enough to hike with pack, and are an advanced level skier or boarder, I highly recommend heading out into the backcountry to earn your turns.... with a qualified backcountry guide of course!!!! There are so many risks you may not be aware of. Knowledgable guides will be able to choose the terrain that suits your abilty so you can have your best day out ever! Moreover, you will need avalache saftey equipment to minimize the risks. I suggest you contact Evergreen Outdoor Center or contact Damian at Hakuba Mountain Life for more information about backcountry tours, avalanche awareness training, and equipment rentals. You will not regret it!

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