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kikyo-ya-hakuba-raw-fish-donburi kikyo-ya Kikyo-ya, a sushi shop in Hakuba kikyo ya hakuba raw fish donburi

Google “best sushi in Hakuba” and you will undoubtedly be sent numerous links to reviews for Kikyo-ya. Don’t trust the inter-webs? Then maybe you should have a look at the writing on the wall. Here are just a few of the enthusiastic messages written by Kikyo-ya’s devoted customers:

kikyo-ya-best-sushi-in-hakuba kikyo-ya Kikyo-ya, a sushi shop in Hakuba kikyo ya best sushi in hakuba

Kikyo-ya is on the 148 not far from Hakuba Station, directly across from the Boarding Co. Look for the Japanese cherry-blossom emblems outside. I suggest you sit at the counter for the ultimate sushi experience, and watch the master chef at work as he slices the most delicate fish to create Japan’s most celebrated cuisine. The charismatic owner will also help you choose another sake, while their extensive seafood menu (also in English) will make you want to come back for more.

Open: 11:00-22:00
Tel.: 0261 72 3633

NOTE: This is a blog entry written by Lodge tabi-tabi. Please don’t use our contact information to contact Kikyo-ya. Kikyo-ya’s number is 0261-72-3633