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mexican night at ariba ariba

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday John will be serving up yummy Tex-Mex to satisfy even the hungriest of Texans. UPDATE: John has been too busy and we are very sad. 🙁 We hear a few others are willing to try on his Texan boots and serve up his Tex-Mex dishes. Not exactly sure what will be on the menu so please just go and check it out!

I highly recommend you start with the Smokey Quesadilla, a large flour tortilla sandwich of melted cheese, sauteed onion, and smoked chipotle chillies served with a side of fresh guacamole, salsa fresca, sour cream, and a bit of cabbage. The quesadilla could be shared as a starter or eaten whole as a vegetarian meal (¥850).

Pescetarians, and lovers of seafood, should try the Baja Style Tacos (see picture above), where 2 soft tacos are stuffed with beer-battered fried fish, guacamole, cheese, cabbage, salsa fresca, and sour cream.

For meat lovers he’s got “nice tender chicken” served in the chicken enchiladas and El Grande chicken burritos. All of Arriba Arriba’s Main Plates (¥1000) are served with a side of Spanish rice, re-fried beans, and chopped cabbage.

Their tostada salad served in a deep-fried tortilla bowl sounded delicious but I wanted to leave a bit of space for a Mexican style hot chocolate. Their spiced hot cocoa is not on the menu but may be available on quieter nights. Just ask!

Complete your Mexican meal with a Corona or tequila shot for only ¥400!

Arriba Arriba is about a 10 minute walk from Lodge tabi-tabi. You can also find it on our recommendation map here.