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Hakuba Goryu Onsen Those of you who were in Hakuba a few years back will fondly remember Obuya Onsen. The onsen with endless options. Obuya has a new owner and is now called Hakuba Genryu no Yu. They have a large washing area, large indoor bath, large outdoor bath, a steam room/bath inside a tiny hut, and a good selection of single use baths where you can put your feet up and your head back. This you must try during one of Hakuba’s big snow falls. Watching huge lit up flakes floating towards you can best be described as a adventure through the galaxy,  all while keeping warm and soaking in the therapeutic waters of one of Hakuba’s best mineral water sources.

UPDATE: The smaller baths and the steam room will not be put to use this winter. The indoor and outdoor baths are still fabulous though.The indoor bath area still smells of fresh hinoki, a Japanese cypres admired for its strength and aromatherapeutic qualities.

The outdoor area is steamy and the stone bath is surrounded by a thick blanket of snow while the hot alkaline rich water does wonders for dry winter skin.

Hakuba Genryu no Yu is a 10 or 15 minute walk from Lodge tabi-tabi. Just a few steps past the popular steak house, Guu.  You can also find it on our recommendation map here.

Charge: 500 yen
Open: 9:00 – 21:30