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rapieFor any and all back-country gear, summer and winter, hiking and skiing, buying or renting, we always go straight Rapie. I used to comparison shop, and waited to return to Tokyo thinking I could get a better deal but now I know better. Rapie has the best price for the best products and sells everyhing you could possibly need. I also found out they will order it for you if it is not in the store, and fix anything that is ripped or broken like zippers or tears in your tent. You will not find better service or expertise anywhere.

Rapie is on the 148 (main road of Hakuba) near The Big Supermarket (aka Max Value). You can also find it on our google map here.

Open: 13:00
Closed: 19:00

Rapie tel: 0261-72-7550
email: N/A

This is a blog entry written by Lodge tabi-tabi. Please don’t use our contact information to contact Rapie. Thanks!