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There is always powder somewhere….. so back on the road we went. It was a beautiful sunny day for a drive and the size of the snowbanks on the mountain roads looked very promising:

Mountain road in Japan  

Had an great day on the mountain and even spotted an smokin’ volcano:

active volcano in winter

As usual Yasu brought his best powder boards including my new yuki-ita, the one and only, Super Fabulous! “yuki” means snow and “ita” means board. There is currently a bit of an underground scene happening and more and more lovers of pow are unstrapping their bindings, dropping their factory made branded boards and switching to handmade, bindingless, planks perfect for a more natural surfer’s high!

super fabulous yuki-ita, hand made snowboard

Today we met a lot of other like-minded snowsurfers from Toyama:

yuki-ita riders from Toyama