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Keio Highway Bus Schedule Tokyo to Hakuba The cheapest (and easiest!) way to get to Hakuba from Tokyo is to take the Keio Highway bus from the Shinjuku Bus Terminal. The journey takes 4 hours and 20 minutes, and costs 4850 one way). If you are coming to stay with us at Lodge tabi-tabi, please get off at the Hakuba Goryu bus stop. It is the first stop in Hakuba Valley. You will need to push the button (above your head) when the driver makes the announcement for “Hakuba Goryu”, or the bus may not stop. You can now make your reservation online in English here. If you have a reservation you should arrive at least 15 minutes before departure to pay for your ticket at the counter marked “Hakuba”. You can use your phone number as your reservation number. This number does not have to be a number in Japan, just a number that you can recall when you go to pick up your ticket.