Yuki means “snow” and “ita” means board, but this is not your average snowboard. These handcrafted rockered snow planks that come complete with stomp pads and leash cords are the ultimate powder surfers. You can not imagine the fun you can have cruisin’ country roads, scoping lines, hiking hills, sampling from a quiver of sticks, and floating through pow surrounded by the tranquility of nature only broken by the laughter of friends.

Yuki-ita tours are now available at Lodge tabi-tabi. An afternoon session in a secret powder stash, door-to-door transportation, unlimited use of the above quiver of sticks, and a hot lunch with coffee or tea in the outdoors is less than a day pass at the resort.

Yasu will also be providing some basic instructions but once you try it you will see that no experience is necessary to stand up on a binding-less board and float down a powderful hill.

More pics here. Enquire within.